D-Day Part Deux

No blog activity doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting still…


Easter holiday was spent with the family, quality time away from the camera was much needed.

After that, things kinda kicked into overdrive.

Pictures of the bachelorette party for my best friends-girlfriends-sister … (that means Tinne).
I also tested my teenager-management skills and took the communion pictures for a colleague. Results are pending.
Paul & Xavier => you two were cool!

I’m also working on a new site layout. Something a little more sexy to what I have now and more easy in maintenance.
(for the web/tech savvy people, I’m writing a WPF application that connects to Flickr to auto-generate my website galleries just the way I want them)


BUT THEN … the build up to my 2nd wedding, the first of 2009, my first wedding without my wingman.
Nerves all around, it was going to get apparent very quickly if Roosje & Jelle’s wedding was a one time fluke or not …

So last week I spent a day with Karolien & Peter shooting their wedding . Lady goodweather & Mr sunshine were not very helpful but that didn’t keep them for having the best day of their life (although it did pump my stresslevels). For the real shoot the “MIAT” was used as the backup location, here is a little sneak for you all…

Karolien & Peter, it was a privilege to be able to share your day from such very close distance. You guys were great and I hope you like the show!

4 thoughts on “D-Day Part Deux

  1. Nimsa says:

    Awelja, zal ik wel 100 km rijden op die dag om mijn koppel te fotograferen en jij shoot lustig in Gent! 🙂 In elk geval: heel goed gedaan!
    mail je trouwens nog..

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