I’ve been having kind of a rough 2 weeks.
I’ve been ‘quite’ quiet following blogs or tweets, sorry.

Professional ups & personal downs have been feeling like a rollercoaster ride.

– “Tom Leuntjens Photography” is officially registered, I’m ready for a sweet year filled with weddings.
– Met with some very cool 2009 wedding couples
– Received the best client feedback a photographer could wish for (more about that later)

Strange how ups suddenly are rather pointless when your grandmother is taken to the ER with a 220+ bps hart rate …
She is okay (yet still in the clinic) and Sunday we WILL watch the start of the new F1 season (8AM, can’t wait to see the nurse’s faces).

Posts without pictures are not my thing so here are a couple of my favorites from the session with Wietse & Valérie along with the complete flickr set.

I’ve also got something new, technical & strobist-DIY-like lined up for next week, hope to see you then.
Stay healthy.

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