A new year, my first year

A logo revamp and consequent blog restyling was in order.
I’ll release more details about the logo soon. But the smart ones can already spot a little difference².

I’m now able to blog pictures up to 800px but I’m still undecided if 640 isn’t sufficient …
The css isn’t final yet, I’m still tweaking it (is the orange readable enough?)

To kick things off with style, a very very very very teaser‘ish image of a crazy/fun/bizarre shoot I had with 2 girls yesterday …
More about that soon 😉



640px, what do you like best ?


The 2nd pictures isn’t related to the first one , but wouldn’t that have been cool 😉

10 thoughts on “A new year, my first year

  1. Lies Van Camp says:

    nice work, oranje is zeker leesbaar genoeg.
    800 of 640, ik weet het nie…. 640 past beter in de layout en voor mij hoeft het niet echt zo groot mogelijk. maar aan de andere kant, een mooi groot beeld…..

  2. Thomas says:

    I’m all for big images, but the downside is that the text under the photo becomes quite wide and very wide paragraphs are extremely hard to read.

    I’d rather have an option that I can click on an image to see a larger version.

    Just my 2 cents 😀

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