Nuts, bolts & bungee balls

Recently Thomas asked me how I connect flashes to a softbox, while my solution is nothing as close to Pieter’s chimera solution it is a worthy alternative to get started.

A while ago I bought 2 24″x36″ softboxes on ebay. The package comes with a metal ring but without a solution to mount it on a lightstand and without a way to attach your hotshoe flashes. Time for a quick & cheap DIY hack.

My solution: nuts, bolts & bungee balls.

In any DIY store you can purchase a couple of long M8 bolts & suitable nuts. With that attached to the metal adapter you now have a way for mounting the softbox on a stand. Adding 2 more bungee balls and your flash head fits rights in as well. Bungee balls are a bit harder to obtain in Belgium but I did already find some in the bargain section at Gamma. Otherwise check ebay.

I’ve added more notes on flickr if you click through on the images.

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by Making the most out of 6 m² « Tom Leuntjens Photography 03.30.09 6:17 pm

[…] near you + some hardware store uni-clamps. -A couple of 24″ x 36″ softboxes. -2 lightstands and of course a couple of flashes, in this case I used a Canon 580EX and an […]

by Sofie 01.26.09 11:19 pm

Super gedaan! Ik ga me ook wat softboxes aankopen nu 🙂

by Thomas 01.25.09 11:07 pm

Ah zo bedoelde je! Met wat foto’s is het al een stuk duidelijker 😀 Zeer goeie oplossing trouwens. Very DIY.