Part II: Barbara, Stijn and …

A couple more pictures of the pregnancy shoot before the weekend starts.

The loft featured nice frosted milk glass doors between the living room & the hallway. The model(s) was standing behind the door with one bare flash at 1/16 positioned 4 feet behind on a stand to create sharper silhouettes. I was positioned on the other side of the door shooting away on manual focus (shiny surfaces hate autofocus) There is some glare hitting the lens and the front side of the glass door but I decided to keep it like that, otherwise you can just as well create a vector drawing …

Have a nice weekend !

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by ysabje 07.24.08 10:49 pm

ik vind de laatste foto met die schaduw de mooiste… Spreekt me erg aan…

by Xray 07.21.08 2:24 pm

Knap werk. Bedankt voor je technische uitleg ook.

by fbaert 07.18.08 6:08 pm

Ik moet zeggen, zeer knap werk ! Origineel, en ook wel kunstzinnig…Dit kan perfect tegen de muur !

by Jan Tielens 07.18.08 10:10 am

Wow! These are very, very nice. The last one is my favorite.